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Simplified tool for business owners to make financial reports
easier to understand.


Wall Street CFO Decision
Making Capabilities


Program Similar To What
Fortune 100 Companies Use

It is a software upgrade for QuickBooks similar to what Fortune 100 companies use from Wall Street to run their financials. It is simplified with business color- coded Red for under-achieving or Green for over-achieving, all based on your growth goals in real-time.

The world's easiest and most convenient
way to know your numbers

Make Goals - Reach Goals with Pace Tracking

See your actual vs goal performance of your Revenue, Direct Cost, Gross Profit,
Operating Expenses, and Net Profit.

Know your numbers with ease

No need to wait for accounting to get back to you.

Determine the right steps to improve net profit when you review the P&L dashboard.

Set yourself up for success

Make sure your handwork and your team’s efforts are paid off.

With Azabiz straightforward dashboards you can manage your expenses and revenue confidently.

Keep track of your business real-time

With simplified color-coding patented feature to see your growth instantly.

Red for under-achieving. Green for over-achieving.

1-on-1 monthly business review

We understand that running your business operations, managing financial statements and planning to scale can be overwhelming.

We’d love to see your business grow, that’s why we offer contractors 1-on-1 monthly business review to help you interpret your financial statements, and give guidance on what actions you can take to help you increase PROFITS!

Affordable plans to jumpstart your
financial freedom

Choose the best plan that’s perfect for your business. Try it free for 14 days.

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✓ Manage 1 business account

✓ Can access the program but just the revenue feature for 14 days

✓ One time 1-on-1 call for a business review and audit

✓ Standard support

Individual Plan


✓ Manage 1 business account

✓ Full-accès to all dashboards: Profit & Loss, Budgetting and Breakeven.

✓ 1-on-1 call for a monthly business review and audit for the first 3 months

✓ Standard support

Individual Plan


✓ Manage 1+ business accounts

✓ Full-accès to all dashboards: Profit & Loss, Budgetting and Breakeven.

✓ 1-on-1 call for a monthly business review and audit for the first 6 months

✓ Standard support

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Top features that can make financials
easier to understand

Patented color-coded achievement tracker

Our Patent-pending color-coding achievement tracker makes it easy and quick for you to keep track of your company’s performance. It’s as straightforward as it can be – Green is good and red is bad. No need to wait for reports as your financials are updated the moment you input financial data.

Simplified and organized financial dashboard

The simplified financial dashboard allows users to take control of their specific areas of finances, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory. You can view detailed financial reports, charts, and graphs to gain a deeper understanding of their financial position. The dashboard features a unified view of your daily operations to know your business numbers.

1-on-1 business monthly business review

1-on-1 business sessions help business owners assess their financial performance and plan for the future. Listen to sound advice from professionals in the business field, review your financial data, and discuss strategies for growth and profitability through the use of business report cards. They will also provide insights and recommendations for improving financial performance and achieving the business’s goals.

Reviews from Business Owners

Using Azabiz has been a game-changer for our business! The color-coded achievement tracker helps us quickly understand our financial performance, and the 1-on-1 monthly business review sessions have been incredibly insightful. We can now make better decisions to improve our net profit and reach our growth goals. Highly recommend!



As a small business owner, managing finances used to be overwhelming. Thanks to Azabiz, I can now easily track my revenue, expenses, and profitability in real time. The financial dashboard is user-friendly and provides a comprehensive view of our daily operations. The 1-on-1 business review has been invaluable in helping us plan for future success. Thank you, Azabiz!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Azabiz is a software upgrade for QuickBooks designed to simplify financial reporting and provide business owners with real-time insights into their financial performance. It uses color-coded indicators (red for under-achieving, green for over-achieving) to help users understand their growth goals.

Azabiz can help your business by providing simplified financial reports and dashboards, allowing you to easily track revenue, direct cost, gross profit, operating expenses, and net profit. It aids in setting and achieving financial goals and offers 1-on-1 monthly business reviews to help interpret financial statements and guide actions for increased profits.

No, Azabiz is not an online business masterclass. Instead, it is a financial management software platform.

Azabiz can help scale your business by providing you with clear insights into your financial performance, helping you identify areas of improvement, and offering 1-on-1 business reviews to plan for growth and profitability.

Details about the need to download software are not mentioned in the provided information. To find out more about the platform’s requirements, it’s best to visit its official website or contact its support team.

Payment for Azabiz plans is likely done through their website or platform. Again, you should visit their official website to explore the available payment options.

Yes, it appears that you can manage multiple business accounts with certain plans. The specific details regarding account management options are best confirmed by visiting their official website.

The cost of Azabiz plans varies depending on the features and services included. The available plans are listed on their website with associated prices.

 Yes, there is a free trial version of Azabiz, allowing you to try out the platform before committing to a paid plan.

 Yes, Azabiz offers monthly subscription plans with different pricing tiers and features.

 The information about yearly fees is not mentioned in the provided details. To know if they offer yearly plans and their respective costs, you should refer to their official website or contact their customer support.

Yes, Azabiz is suitable for small businesses as it provides tools for financial management, growth tracking, and profitability analysis.

Yes, contractors can use Azabiz to manage their finances, track performance, and receive 1-on-1 business reviews to improve profitability.

Yes, accountants can use Azabiz to help their clients manage their financials, track performance, and make better financial decisions.