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Profit & Loss

Track your financial performance. Make informed decisions and identify areas of your business where you need to focus your attention on. The profit and loss feature typically shows the revenue generated by the business, the cost of goods sold, gross profit, operating expenses, net profit, and taxes paid. Our patent-pending feature, red and green for performance indicators, makes it easier for business owners to analyze these numbers to determine their profit margin, identify which products or services are most profitable, and track their overall financial health.

Budget Builder

Setup a budget builder according to your business’ needs and stay within track. The budgeting builder feature is particularly useful for those who are new to budgeting or find it challenging to stick to a budget. The feature provides a clear and simple way to set up a budget, which can help owners and managers stay on track with their finances. Additionally, it can help users identify areas where they can cut back on expenses or increase income to improve their financial situation.

Breakeven Calculation

Understand your cost structure and stay on top of your sales. Our Breakeven Calculator helps businesses accurately determine the minimum number of sales needed to cover their fixed and variable costs. Identify how much it takes to run your daily operations without experiencing loss.

Portfolio Tracker

It’s hard to be on top when you are handling multiple businesses. The portfolio tracker feature is particularly useful for business owners who have multiple companies under their supervision. This feature helps you keep track of your business portfolio. It allows you to monitor the performance of every company in one easy view. Less clutter means faster information to digest and faster time in critical decision-making.

How Azabiz can help your business succeed further

We understand that running your business operations, managing financial statements and planning to scale can be overwhelming. We’d love to see your business grow, that’s why we offer contractors 1-on-1 monthly business review to help you interpret your financial statements, and give guidance on what actions you can take to help you increase PROFITS!

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