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Gain access to business insights used by Fortune 100 companies. Instantly interpret your financials with color-coded tracking, actionable dashboards, and expert 1-on-1 business reviews.

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Our accounting software enhancement mirrors the robust tools Wall Street giants deploy. With intuitive color-coding—Red for challenges and Green for triumphs—track your progress against real-time growth objectives.

Crystal Clear Financial Understanding

Navigate the maze of numbers effortlessly. From revenue streams, direct costs, to net profit, grasp every aspect of your finances with unprecedented clarity.

Elevate P+L Management

Say goodbye to waiting. Analyze your Profit & Loss dashboard instantly and plot the right strategies for a healthy bottom line.

Real-Time Business Performance Monitor

Our patent pending color-coding system offers an instant snapshot of your business trajectory. Never be in the dark about how you’re doing.

Control Direct Costs

Stay one step ahead by managing your direct and indirect costs and their effect on gross margin, which must cover administrative overhead and profit.

Affordable Financial Reporting
for Every Business

Enjoy financial clarity with real time insights, P+L management, and goal tracking. Start making data-driven decisions today.

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The Azabiz Giving Initiative

The Azabiz Giving Initiative is giving back to the business community. These actions embodies our dedication to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs by offering a free Profit & Loss (P&L) scorecard and a tailored strategy for business improvement. This invaluable resource, typically costing thousands and requiring expert insight, is our way of supporting small business owners. We’re committed to giving back, helping young entrepreneurs navigate their journey with the tools and guidance necessary for success. Through this initiative, we aim to foster a thriving, sustainable small business community.

At Azabiz, we champion the Small Business Dream and honor small businesses as the backbone of our world. That’s why we’re excited about our three ways of giving back in our Giving Initiative:


From Classroom to Commerce Fueling America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

A portion of proceeds goes directly to scholarships at Thaddeus Stevens Technical College, supporting the aspiring students and entrepreneurs who build our world’s future. 

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From Classroom to Commerce: Fueling America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Businesses, Get Your P&L Evaluated for FREE

Complimentary P&L Scorecard with 12 KPI’s rated from poor to excellent” Upload your P&L on AWS secure server.


Receive Your Custom P&L Strategy Roadmap

You receive your 12 KPIs with recommendations, strategies, and action steps for improving each area of your business KPI’s

Building Dreams: Our Commitment to the Next Generation of American Businesses

At Azabiz, we champion the American Dream and honor small businesses as its backbone. That’s why we’re excited about our giveback program: a portion of proceeds goes directly to scholarships at Thaddeus Stevens Technical College, supporting the aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs who build our nation’s future. This initiative is more than philanthropy; it’s our investment in hard work, opportunity, and the talented individuals dedicated to sustaining America’s prosperity. Join us in nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals who are not just pursuing a career but are the very embodiment of the American Dream. Together, we’re not just building a brighter future; we’re fortifying the spirit of America.

Evaluate Your Business: Complimentary P&L Scorecard with 12 KPI’s from rated from poor to excelent

In an unprecedented move, Azabiz is redefining the landscape of small business growth by introducing a groundbreaking opportunity: a complimentary Profit and Loss (P&L) evaluation, complete with a detailed scorecard on 12 pivotal company KPIs. Comprehensive P&L evaluation that rivals the expertise of Wall Street’s finest CFOs—a service worth over $1,000. This isn’t just an evaluation; it’s a key to unlocking your business’s potential, providing critical insights into 12 essential KPIs that can drive your success. Why miss out on expert analysis that can transform your understanding of your financial health, spotlight growth opportunities, and pinpoint areas needing attention? This exclusive opportunity empowers you to make strategic decisions with confidence, setting the stage for sustainable growth. Embrace this chance to elevate your business with Azabiz—a decision that can redefine your future. Act now and turn insights into action.

Azabiz Origins

Born out of necessity, Azabiz was created by business owners for business owners, addressing the common frustration of hitting growth ceilings that seemed impenetrable. These innovators knew they were capable of breaking through these barriers, yet the tools they needed didn’t exist or was to expensive and only very large corporations could afford them. So, we built them. Azabiz is more than just software; it’s a system that has been the secret weapon for many contractors to not only grow their businesses beyond expectations but also to elevate their operations from seven-figure revenues to eight-figure exits. It’s not about mere numbers; it’s about realizing potential, shattering expectations, and achieving dreams that once felt out of reach. Azabiz encapsulates the spirit of ambition, practicality, and relentless pursuit of growth that’s ingrained in every contractor’s DNA.


Features designed for clarity and growth


Patented Achievement Tracking: Instantly recognize company performance with our color-coding system — updated in real-time.


Unified Financial Dashboard: From your complete P&L: Revenue, Direct costs, Gross Profit, Overhead, Net Profit, Pace, Goals and trends. Know your numbers like a Chief Financial officer on Wall Street, made very simple for you.


Monthly Business Reviews: Strategize with professionals. Harness insights and actionable recommendations to steer your business towards its goals.

What success looks like

empowering you with financial clarity

Where will financial clarity take your business?

Client Testimonials: Excellence in Action

Before partnering with Azabiz, we struggled to understand our Profit and Loss (P&L) statement fully, we almost lost our business. Our accountant would often ask us if this was really what we wanted. My partner and I constantly found ourselves wondering where all the money was actually going. Thanks to a recommendation from a BNI member, we decided to try Azabiz, and it has completely transformed our understanding of our financials. Now, we have a clear view of our numbers and a much better grasp of our financial health.

Company Name: Eleanor’s Corner Delicatessen

Owner Name:  Eleanor Whitman

We thought we knew what prices we should be charging for our jobs. We found out we were wrong! Now we are pricing right with the Azabiz pricing calculator and feel more confident about our estimates, thanks to Azabiz, we are doing better in business!

Company Name: Harwood Hardscaping Solution

Owner Name:  Nathan Harwood

We struggled to grow and understand how to scale our HVAC business. Now we have a handle on our direct cost with labor and material and are managing the business and growing.

Company Name: Elite Climate Control

Owner Name:  Gregory Masters

I love their patented The Color-Coded Dashboard System – Blue, Red, Green, And Black charts. Everything is so simple to understand and make decisions. I would never be without Azabiz Financial Navigation software.

Company Name: Summit Marketing

Owner Name:  Simone Clarke

I absolutely love the Budget Builder section of the software. We never realy did a real budget every year. We started this year and it is definitely a game changer for business. So simple and so easy. We did our whole year in under 30 minutes. Our accountant was shocked and is telling all his clients about Azabiz.

Company Name: Corner Auto Care

Owner Name:  Ethan Kim

Azabiz has changed the way wife and I manage our finances. Now we have the ability to to make and see comprehensive, month-by-month, department-specific budget while effortlessly comparing it to past numbers in real-time. This tool goes beyond simple number crunching by providing detailed line items, dynamic graphs, and color-coded charts, making it incredibly intuitive to understand our financial trends and goals. With Azabiz, managing our finances has become easy.

Company Name: Bennett Bespoke

Owner Name: Malcolm Bennett  and Tessa James

Since Covid our direct cost have been going up and we were losing control. Now we are much better managing our labor and material without ever having to run a report. It is amazing how they break every thing out and you can see your all info at our fingertips. We highly recommend Azabiz.

Company Name: Apex Construction

Owner Name:  Samantha Rowe

In the last few years, controlling our overhead has been difficult. We had a meeting, and thats when our bookkeeper told us about Azabiz. We did not need a bookkeeper she liked how it would help us understand our overhead and be able to see trends, and goals all by line item and never have to find a report to run. NO comparison to QuickBooks. They get the information automatically from our QB’s.  We cut our overhead from 35% to 29% thanks to Azabiz.

Company Name: Global Networks

Owner Name:  Alex Jordan

As a general contractor, keeping track of finances amidst numerous projects can be daunting. That was until I discovered Azabiz’s dynamic break-even analysis feature. It’s truly revolutionary. The dashboard is a real-time display of financial health, evolving from red to green as we progress toward our break-even point. This tool has not only simplified financial management but has profoundly improved my understanding of where each project stands financially. Watching those colors change provides a clear, visual representation of success and profitability that motivates the entire team. Azabiz has turned what used to be a complex calculation into an easy-to-understand, visual gauge of our financial health, empowering us to make smarter business decisions every day.

Company Name: Vanguard Builders

Owner Name:  Marcus Freeman

As the owner of my HVAC business, managing the financials of installations and service operations requires major time and understanding since they are essentially two different types of businesses. That’s where Azabiz’s Break Even Calculation tool has made a profound impact. The tool offers detailed, department-specific break-even analyses on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, which has been a game-changer. It has provided us with crucial insights into our labor and overhead costs, allowing us to refine our billing strategies and boost profitability in ways we never thought possible, we are proactive and not end of moth reactive. Thanks to Azabiz, we have a clearer roadmap toward financial efficiency and strategic growth. Now, I feel more confident in our financial planning and decision-making processes, making Azabiz membership indispensable for our business.

Company Name: Climate Solutions

Owner Name:  Jon Washington

We are acquiring and managing various home service businesses, and staying on top of each company’s performance is critical but challenging. That’s where Azabiz’s Portfolio Tracker has been a game-changer for me. This feature allows me to monitor the performance of all the businesses under my umbrella in a streamlined, highly efficient manner. With one comprehensive view, I can quickly assess the KPI’s and progress of each entity without the clutter of traditional tracking methods. This clarity and ease of access significantly speed up my decision-making process, enabling me to respond swiftly and effectively to market changes and internal business needs. Azabiz’s Portfolio Tracker has not only simplified my management tasks but has also empowered me with the ability to make informed, strategic decisions that drive the success of my business portfolio.

Company Name: Homestead Holdings

Owner Name:  Abigail Chambers

I was initially skeptical about the free P&L Scorecard from Azabiz, wondering just how much value it could really provide at no cost. But I decided to give it a shot for my restaurant, and I am genuinely astonished by the results. Uploading our P&L to their secure AWS server was a breeze, and the insights we received were nothing short of transformative. The scorecard evaluated 12 different KPIs, providing clear ratings from poor to excellent, which immediately highlighted areas where we were excelling and others needing urgent attention. This level of detailed analysis has been a powerful tool in refining our business strategy and operational efficiency. I’m truly impressed by the depth and utility of the Azabiz P&L Scorecard—it has opened my eyes to potential improvements that we were previously oblivious to.” We are going to pay for the strategy roadmap next.

Company Name: Bellavita Hospitality Group

Owner Name:  Giulia Bianchi

Derek W

Azabiz has revolutionized how we see and utilize our QuickBooks information, giving unparalleled monetary experiences. Their analytics have specifically affected our development and proficiency. Really a game-changer for little businesses looking for to explore the complexities of budgetary data.

Nathan J

Since coordination Azabiz, our decision-making prepare has been changed by their nitty gritty monetary dashboards. It’s like having a monetary advisor accessible 24/7. Their benefit has made complex information open and noteworthy, impelling our commerce forward.

Zoe M

Implementing Azabiz has streamlined our budgetary forms, turning QuickBooks into a vital resource or maybe than fair a bookkeeping instrument. The profundity of understanding and time reserve funds have been noteworthy. Their custom-made approach has been priceless for our business.

Victor E

Partnering with Azabiz brought a level of budgetary administration skill to our company that surpassed all desires. Their expository apparatuses and personalized commerce surveys have revealed openings for development we hadn’t envisioned possible.

Laura P

Upgrading to Azabiz was like venturing into the future of money related administration. The clarity and control we presently have over our financials, much obliged to their cutting-edge devices and bolster, have been transformative for our trade operations.

Greg H

Discovering Azabiz’s monetary dashboards was an essential minute for our company. The capacity to see and get it our budgetary wellbeing in real-time has changed how we arrange and execute our commerce strategy.

Priya S

Azabiz has made budgetary administration not fair simpler but more impactful. Their experiences into our QuickBooks information have specifically contributed to more intelligent, growth-focused choices. It’s a crucial instrument for any trade genuine approximately monetary clarity.

Anita R

Azabiz has not as it were improved our monetary detailing capabilities but too changed our by and large key arranging. Their natural stage and master experiences have given us with a clear guide to budgetary victory, empowering data-driven choices that have driven to considerable development.

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