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Gain access to business insights used by Fortune 100
companies. Instantly interpret your financials with color-coded tracking, actionable dashboards, and expert 1-on-1 business reviews.

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Empower your Business
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Our accounting software enhancement mirrors the robust tools Wall Street giants deploy. With intuitive color-coding—Red for challenges and Green for triumphs—track your progress against real-time growth objectives.

Crystal Clear Financial Understanding

Navigate the maze of numbers effortlessly. From revenue streams, direct costs, to net profit, grasp every aspect of your finances with unprecedented clarity.

Elevate P+L Management

Say goodbye to waiting. Analyze your Profit & Loss dashboard instantly and plot the right strategies for a healthy bottom line.

Real-Time Business Performance Monitor

Our patent pending color-coding system offers an instant snapshot of your business trajectory. Never be in the dark about how you’re doing.

Control Direct Costs

Stay one step ahead by managing your direct and indirect costs and their effect on gross margin, which must cover administrative overhead and profit.

Affordable Financial Reporting
for Every Business

Enjoy financial clarity with real time insights, P+L management, and goal tracking. Start making data-driven decisions today.



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Full access to all dashboards

Profit + Loss, Budgeting, Breakeven

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Plus $850 One Time White Glove Set Up Fee





Full access to all dashboards

Profit + Loss, Budgeting, Breakeven

Portfolio management

6 months of 1-on-1 business

audit + review

24/7 support

Plus $850 One Time White Glove Set Up Fee

We 100% guarantee that implementing this system will give you key insights that allow you to grow your business.

If you aren’t finding key insights that are helping you grow,
we’ll gladly hop on a call with you and help.

Building Dreams: Our Commitment to the Next Generation of American Businesses

At Azabiz, we champion the American Dream and honor small businesses as its backbone. That’s why we’re excited about our giveback program: a portion of proceeds goes directly to scholarships at Thaddeus Stevens Technical College, supporting the aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs who build our nation’s future. This initiative is more than philanthropy; it’s our investment in hard work, opportunity, and the talented individuals dedicated to sustaining America’s prosperity. Join us in nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals who are not just pursuing a career but are the very embodiment of the American Dream. Together, we’re not just building a brighter future; we’re fortifying the spirit of America.

our giveback program

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Azabiz Origins

Born out of necessity, Azabiz was created by business owners for business owners, addressing the common frustration of hitting growth ceilings that seemed impenetrable. These innovators knew they were capable of breaking through these barriers, yet the tools they needed didn’t exist or was to expensive and only very large corporations could afford them. So, we built them. Azabiz is more than just software; it’s a system that has been the secret weapon for many contractors to not only grow their businesses beyond expectations but also to elevate their operations from seven-figure revenues to eight-figure exits. It’s not about mere numbers; it’s about realizing potential, shattering expectations, and achieving dreams that once felt out of reach. Azabiz encapsulates the spirit of ambition, practicality, and relentless pursuit of growth that’s ingrained in every contractor’s DNA.


Features designed for clarity and growth


Patented Achievement Tracking: Instantly recognize company performance with our color-coding system — updated in real-time.


Unified Financial Dashboard: From your complete P&L: Revenue, Direct costs, Gross Profit, Overhead, Net Profit, Pace, Goals and trends. Know your numbers like a Chief Financial officer on Wall Street, made very simple for you.


Monthly Business Reviews: Strategize with professionals. Harness insights and actionable recommendations to steer your business towards its goals.

empowering you with financial clarity

empowering you with financial clarity

Where will financial clarity take your business?