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Bookkeeping for Net Profit and Gross Profit is considered standard for the industry, and over 80% of businesses operate under these conditions. Bookkeeping for Business Management for greater profit is considered the superior method for growing and achieving greater profits. However, less than 20% of business bookkeeping is managed in this manner.

QuickBooks can handle both types of bookkeeping, but the difference lies in the formatting, implementation, and accuracy. 

At Azabiz, we understand that bookkeeping is more than just a necessary task—it’s the foundation of your business’s financial health and strategic growth. Here’s how we differentiate between standard bookkeeping and the comprehensive, profit-focused bookkeeping we offer.

Standard Bookkeeping


The primary goal of traditional bookkeeping is to track and record all financial transactions accurately to determine your business's financial health.


This involves systematically recording all sales, expenses, assets, and liabilities. By ensuring every financial transaction is documented, you get a clear picture of your financial standing.


The result is a precise calculation of gross profit (revenue minus the cost of goods sold) and net profit (gross profit minus all other expenses). This fundamental bookkeeping ensures you know whether your business is making a profit.

Our Bookkeeping for Business Management

At Azabiz, we take bookkeeping a step further. Our approach is designed to not only keep your books in order but to help you make strategic business decisions that enhance your profitability.

Purpose: Beyond simple record-keeping, our goal is to gather and format your financial data to make strategic decisions that drive your business forward.

Tasks: We prepare your financial statements, trends, budgeting, and more in detail. We ensure that every chart of accounts is accurate and insightful, allowing us to identify opportunities for cost control, investment, and operational efficiency.

Outcome: This comprehensive approach provides you with deep insights into your financial operations. You gain the ability to control costs better, seize investment opportunities, and optimize operations, ultimately boosting your overall profitability

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Azabiz offers expert bookkeeping, CFO Services, and tax services for 7 and 8 figure businesses looking to grow.

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Imagine the ease of having AZABIZ handle your bookkeeping, with our top-tier financial management paired together for you – your financial management  monthly fee is no charge with our bookkeeping.  

This unbeatable combination unmatched in the industry, not only simplifies your financial processes but also unlocks a world of insightful financial management like no other bookkeeping. With AZABIZ, you get the dual advantage of expert bookkeeping and cutting-edge financial tools, ensuring your business finances are meticulously organized and strategically managed. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple subscriptions and hello to streamlined, cost-effective financial excellence with AZABIZ.”

Ready to transform your financial management and bokkeeping? Join Azabiz today and steer your business with the precision and insight of Wall Street experts. Remember, with AZABIZ, your business’s financial success is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee.”

And Your Software

Over 30 years of experience, we’re well versed with the software you already know (and hopefully love). No software switching necessary!

How it Works?

Running a business demands your undivided attention. Leave the complexities of financial management to us. Our comprehensive bookkeeping services are designed to address every facet of your business finances.

here’s how we can help

Accounts Receivable Management

Stay updated with timely sales tracking, prompt invoicing, and diligent follow-ups on overdue payments. Plus, get detailed reports on aging receivables for informed decision-making.

Accounts Payable Management

Never miss a payment again. Our experts ensure timely bill payments, comprehensive expense tracking, and seamless vendor relations.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

Align your internal records with external statements, and let us handle the identification and resolution of any discrepancies.

Payroll Processing

Ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time. From tax withholdings to paycheck processing, we've got it all covered.

Financial Statement Preparation

Monthly or quarterly, get accurate income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements at your fingertips.

Tax Preparation and Filing

Navigate tax season effortlessly. From quarterly payments to annual filings, we act as your financial guardian.

Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

Lay the foundation for your financial success with strategic budgeting and insightful forecasts.

Fixed Assets Management

Track, manage, and report your business's fixed assets, including calculated depreciation and asset acquisitions.

General Ledger Maintenance

Rely on our meticulous eyes to keep your financial transactions precise and well-categorized.

Cash Flow Management

Gain insights into your cash position, identify trends, and preempt potential financial pitfalls.

Financial Analysis and Advisory

Transform raw financial data into actionable insights to drive business growth.

Software Setup

Embark on your digital transformation journey with our expertise in bookkeeping software setups with QuickBooks.

End-of-Year Closing

Transition smoothly into a new fiscal year, ensuring all financial data is accurate and primed for tax season.

Custom Reporting

Get insights tailored to your needs with our custom financial reporting capabilities.

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