Easy Onboarding to Financial Reporting Mastery

The onboarding process made simple. It only takes 3 steps. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed. We’ll walk you through for a hassle-free transition.

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Enhance Insights and Decisions Departmental Alignment

Ensure seamless financial tracking and reporting by aligning your business’s chart of accounts with specific departments. This enables better insights into departmental performance and aids in efficient decision-making.

Resource Allocation

Tailored Tracking for Optimized Resource Management and Efficient Finances

Streamline financial management by assigning relevant accounts to individual departments, allowing you to monitor their financial activities separately and optimize resource allocation.

Quickbooks Mapping

Map Quickbooks Chart of Accounts to your Department

With clear mappings of accounts to departments, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s financial health, enabling effective planning and driving overall growth and profitability.

Affordable Financial Reporting for Every Business

Enjoy financial clarity with real time insights, P+L management, and goal tracking. Start making data-driven decisions today.



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14 days free




Manage 1 Business Account

Full access to all dashboards

Profit + Loss, Budgeting, Breakeven

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Full access to all dashboards

Profit + Loss, Budgeting, Breakeven

Portfolio management

6 months of 1-on-1 business

audit + review

24/7 support

Plus $850 One Time White Glove Set Up Fee

There’s more to discover...


Features designed for clarity and growth


Patented Achievement Tracking: Instantly recognize company performance with our color-coding system — updated in real-time.


Unified Financial Dashboard: From your complete P&L: Revenue, Direct costs, Gross Profit, Overhead, Net Profit, Pace, Goals and trends. Know your numbers like a Chief Financial officer on Wall Street, made very simple for you.


Monthly Business Reviews: Strategize with professionals. Harness insights and actionable recommendations to steer your business towards its goals.